“Why Future Freedom?”

Welcome to the first blog post on the website known as the Future Freedom Club “HQ”. We intend this site to be the place where you can read our blog posts and keep up with what we’ve been up to as an organization. For this post, I’m going to focus on who we are, our values and our intentions. Fortunately, we would say that we have very good intentions. Unfortunately, “money” is controversial topic depending on who you ask in the world but we are here because we believe financial literacy and independence for all inhabitants is a key component of a fair and just society. That is why we seek to educate on the financial habits and strategies that many people have been successful with around the world, to anyone out there willing to learn about those concepts. Some might say we are not qualified to teach anyone about personal finance if we have not completed the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), for example, but around these parts, we beg to differ. Most have never even heard of Moody’s or the CSC, let alone afford the tuition payment required for most of the courses they offer. For clarity, I’d like to say that we are not trying to undermine anything that the CSC or any other institutions offer in terms of educating people on how the stock market works. However, I will say that those courses are better for those who are already familiar with how equity markets work and have established their saving habits in order to secure the funds they will use to invest. We are a group that believes that with all the information out there, financial independence is possible for everyone regardless of their individual background. We strongly believe (as do many others) that the most important part is to learn about the habits needed to get anyone to a point where they achieve financial independence, and then to start applying them as soon as possible. The “Future Freedom Club” exists to do just that, as we seek to help as many people possible, help themselves.

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