Future Freedom’s Mission

Hello friends,

Nice to “see” you again for ROUND 2 of FFC blog posts!

I know that there aren’t many people following us currently but I thank those who are out there and supporting the movement. I say movement because beginning to understand your finances really is a paradigm shift in terms of how you feel on a daily basis and what you can go out into the “real world” and achieve. Not to mention once you gain total control of your finances in terms of the amount of income and expenses that come out of your budget every month, at that point you could as if you’re a brand new person!

Today, however, I’d like to speak once again about what “Future Freedom” is as an organization and what we are trying to achieve. North America, with the exception of Mexico, contains two countries comprised of immigrants. No matter where you came from, somewhere down the family tree (or should I say up?) the land of opportunity the “West” presented for your family members were too great ignore. There are many reasons why someone would want to live in the West, from relatively safe political climates, economic growth and stability, weather (not so much in Canada), and many other reasons that I’m not listing here. The point is, whether it was you who came here or your ancestors, they came to the West to create a better lifestyle for themselves. After all, wouldn’t you say that we are here to SUCCEED and not to fail!!

That’s great. I thank my parents for bringing me here where I’ve managed to spend my entire life. However, throughout my life I have felt that there was always a missing component that restrained me from achieving success on this pursuit of happiness. Not to keep you in suspense, but that component for me on a personal level, would be “guidance”. I won’t go into the details here, but I always felt that I was on the “right track” during elementary and secondary school. I would go to a class, whether it was Mathematics, English, even Social Studies back in the day, attend all the classes (literally), get a grade at the end of it, then move on to the next level. I’m definitely not the only one who has gone through this, and I’m not trying to say I was the best student ever that got the highest grades either. Anyone that’s gone to school with me would expose me if I lied. Nonetheless, I was carefree on most days because there would be no doubt in my mind about what I would be doing tomorrow, next week, or even next year. I’d be at school. That all changes once you become an adult at 18 and have many, many, many choices available to you and eventually you’re going to have to choose one. Waiting to see what someone else does is not a good move.

If you’ve made it this far, you might be thinking, “So you were lost. That’s nobody else’s problem but your own. Why should anyone care?”. Unfortunately, we question the benefits of “caring” for others a bit too often if you ask me. If only there was an organization where I could strategize what my next steps would be together with my peers in a club based format, perhaps I would’ve had a different outcome. It’s not that I’m “ashamed” of my failures or mistakes of years past because mistakes are really only mistakes if you fail to learn anything from them. Of course, I hated the feeling of having a situation not turn out exactly the way I wanted them to, and it’s certainly a road I do not want to go down again. That’s exactly the opportunity Future Freedom has in front of it, where the organization can really help us all. I know there are others that might feel the same way, or perhaps unknowingly they are just about to reach that point of feeling “lost” and “hopeless” in the direction their lives are going. I want to help people avoid going down that road, even though going down that “road” as I call it does have it’s benefits, that I’ll have to write about one day. Ultimately, if I had to summarize “what made me want to create Future Freedom” in one word it would be guidance. Guidance that doesn’t end when a student moves on to the next level or a teacher gets earns what they deserve in dollars. Guidance that lasts a lifetime, whenever you need it. That’s what Future Freedom is about.

Today, I’m just a guy with access to a computer, writing about how important it is to be control of your finances and growing your net worth over time.  Who knows Future Freedom will be 10 years from now, or even 10 months from now? :D.  Starting on what you will believe will be awesome for humanity is what has brought great fortune for many individuals since the beginning of time. So we aren’t perfect, but I have come to the realization of how important it is to start, no matter how stupid it looks or how many people doubt whether or not Future Freedom will be successful.

We all deserve to succeed in the market-based economic system because God knows that is not going away anytime soon. In order to succeed in financial independence, we must learn about what has worked for those who have been successful in the past and achieve it ourselves. Anyone can do it. It’s not meant to be easy, but it’s not impossible. I promise you that unless you get really lucky with your spouse, it’s very unlikely that someone else will spontaneously bring you where you want to be in life or that you’ll win a lottery one day that will solve all your problems. We must decide for ourselves the direction we want to take our lives in, and Future Freedom is here to assist anyone who hasn’t quite figured out how to do that yet.


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