Managing Time

I have understood throughout my life that time was finite, at least for when it comes to the lifespan of human beings. Honestly, I have only come to the realization of how important time is after becoming an “adult” and thinking about better, easier, and more fun times I spent having as a child. I have often stated that becoming an adult is sort of like running into a brick wall for most young people growing up in the West, and I stand by those words. The “showering” of responsibilities and the urgency of needing to “get my life together” has been unrelenting and I surely would have appreciated someone preparing me for this phenomenon beforehand.  Unfortunately for most, that mentor doesn’t come by when it’s most convenient and oftentimes they don’t announce themselves as “mentors”. Therefore, most people don’t realize how many mentors they have available to them, and some of them might even be part of the Future Freedom Club!

As I look past on my time living in this world, the regrets towards how I have spent my time tend to be of the nature of inaction. I have made plenty of decisions I regret as well, but I tend not to regret those as much. The decisions of inaction I describe is where the opportunity I sought presented itself, and yet for whatever reason I gave into the fear of failure, pessimism, and potential ridicule. That’s why a couple years ago I decided to shift towards a different type of mentality. A mentality where I wouldn’t wait for someone else to advise me on whether pursuing an opportunity was a good idea or not, and instead where I would act based on my own convictions when I had enough information to support the decision. This is what has led to the Future Freedom Club, and is the main reason why I couldn’t wait to get it started. I know I could’ve waited until I was done school, or perhaps when I didn’t hold a full-time job but I didn’t want to get too settled, or comfortable. In all likeliness, I would have never gotten around to starting Future Freedom if I did get to that stage. I have the desire to ascend to financial independence with all of you, in order to see us all be successful and happy in our own unique ways. That’s what gives me the most gratification when compared to what I can achieve on a personal level. Time waits for no one, so we should all do what we can to enjoy your time here and help others enjoy their lives also. It’s the greatest gift to able to live on this Earth, and I am always thankful to God for allowing myself and 7 billion others to experience life as we know it.


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